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Improve paper machine performance by picking the right doctor blade material

Doctor blade and scraper blade materials

Controlling your production process is a key factor in staying competitive. That’s why it’s vital to know which doctor blade material is right for each machine section.

The goal is to effectively manage costs and ensure product quality. It applies to every paper and board machine application, doctoring condition and paper grade, as well as for many other industrial doctoring situations.

Here is a quick reference guide to help you through the product selection process for deploying superior doctoring efficiency:

Forming Section

(Angle/Load Pressure: 20 ̊/0.5 pli)

  • Fiberglass: Excellent blade life and roll-cleaning performance
  • Poly: Used on soft rolls; normally good life due to water
  • Micarta: Economical; may remove stickies better than poly



(Angle/Load Pressure: 25-30 ̊/1-2 pli)

  • Fiberglass: Improved wear-resistance over metal blades and mild polishing
  • Carbon Fiber: Best performance for enhanced blade and roll life
  • Stainless: Less commonly used in recent years
  • Abrasive: For trailing blade to maintain porosity

Soft Rolls

(Angle/Load Pressure: 20 ̊/0.5 pli)

  • Polyethylene: Over 10-15 P&J rubber and polyurethane rolls; good when lubricated
  • Micarta: Usually 1⁄4-inch thick on soft rubber rolls; not recommended on polyurethane


(Angle/Load Pressure: 30 ̊/1-2 pli)

  • Fiberglass: Improved blade life; reduced roll scoring over metal blades
  • Carbon Fiber: Longest wearing; high flex resistance; excellent cleaning
  • Metal: Steel; stainless; bronze
  • Abrasive: For periodic build-up removal; only for use on oscillating doctors


(Angle/Load Pressure: 30 ̊/1-2 pli)

  • Fiberglass: Excellent cleaning; improved blade and roll life
  • Carbon Fiber: Maximum blade life; recommend oscillation
  • Metal: Steel; stainless; bronze
  • Micarta: Several grades available, including Spec 277; inexpensive, but shorter life; less efficient


(Angle/Load Pressure: 30 ̊/1-2 pli)

  • Fiberglass: Longer life than metal blades; reduced roll scoring
  • Carbon Fiber: Greatest blade life
  • Metal: Steel & bronze are commonly used

While we’ve offered guidance here for paper machine performance, Essco doctor blades and scraper blades are vital components in a wide variety of manufacturing processes.

So, whatever the application, it’s about ensuring a job well done on your end. We can help.

Paris Miller, Sales/Service Engineer

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