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Essco bearings, oscillators, loading systems, and other accessories, keep your doctor and scraper systems in prime condition. That means less downtime and greater profitability.

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Bearings are critical to system operation—especially with oscillating doctors. Essco offers a full line of bearings, including cost-effective options with various housings, as well as specially engineered anti-friction bearings for critical applications.

Bearings – Accessories
Oscillators – Accessories
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Essco patented the first self-contained pneumatic oscillator system more than 30 years ago. Today, we offer a variety of rugged, reliable oscillators—both electromechanical and pneumatic—for whatever need you may have. Gear motors are also available to meet varying voltages.

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Essco offers rugged, easy-to-use panels that offer precise operational control over blade-loading devices and oscillating systems. All Essco control panels are UL and NEMA rated.

Control Panel – Accessories
Doctor Loading – Accessories
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Doctor loading

Reliable control of blade-to-roll loading pressure is required if your doctor system is going to operate properly. Essco offers turnbuckle, air cylinder, spring-loaded pressure rig, and ETUniform™ loading devices to keep your doctor system performing at its best. Replacement tubes are also available in bulk or cut-to-length pieces.

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Service tools

Essco-exclusive service tools are designed to help you easily maintain your doctor system. Tools include The Edge™, a precision, Essco-engineered digital guide for setting doctors to the proper contact angle and level. We also offer manual angle gauges and levels, and an ETUniform™ service kit that simplifies maintenance of conforming blade holders.

Edge – Accessories
Blade Cart – Accessories
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Blade storage

Proper blade storage ensures optimal performance when it’s time to install a new blade. Essco offers multiple storage options for properly maintaining your inventory of doctor blades.


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